MARCH 3, 2012
12 noon till 10:00pm

Admission: $15 and
please bring canned goods
for St. Vincent de Paul
Food Bank

This Festival is about bringing family and friends together and the community. Sometimes we have to use what we got, so I decided to bring all the local musicians together. Also, all the local cooks. These are all folks I grew up with.

We have a Main Stage for the bands performing at the Fest and we also have a Discovery Stage where all the musicians that are not on the festival, can bring their instruments and perform with the rhythm section that we have organized for the Discovery Stage, that way no one is left out.

We are asking the Public to please come out and bring at least one canned good to support the Food Bank. This Festival is being held at the Multi-Purpose Arena, Port Allen, Louisiana, West Baton Rouge Parish. Very nice arena. The guys that own the arena, I grew up with them as well.

I'm very happy to bring my community together. So come and join me March 3, 2012 with Family and Friends. A big warm welcome and the best of down home cooking. The way we do it down in the swamp. View Hotels in the area.

All The Best,
Kenny Neal

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